'Tears' painting by Muskaan Aleeza Admani


If life is an ocean, waves of highs and lows, then we can learn to embrace that it’s okay not to be okay, that it’s fine not to be fine.

Me n t a l   h e a l t h:
Nobody can escape it
Nobody can stay unchanged by it
Its highs and lows come in waves, 
Sooner or later, we will all weather its tide –
It’s a part of life.
So every time our mind is seized by the waves
Dragging us deeper into the depths of despair
Why do we remain quiet?
Why do we allow ourselves to drown?
As if nobody will be able to decipher this hostile cage
When reality is, to some extent, we’ve all been bound by chains 
Locked and hurled to a place seemingly impossible to locate.
So under streams of suffering, why do we say we’re okay?

The secrecy that comes so easily to conceal our wounds do not stop them from existing,
They stay very raw beneath a band-aid as we condemn our flaws for subsisting,
As we compel ourselves to pave a path named normality.
But what is normal?
The tragedy of being labelled anything other than normal that fuels a needless silence only perpetuates the   s t i g m a   surrounding mental health.
So why don’t we embrace it?
Why don’t we appreciate the pain, the tears, the losses, which drag us down to the ocean floor,
And the   s t r e n g t h   that comes with it which enables us to swim?
Why do we remain unheard?
Why do we pretend fine?

Highs and lows come in waves;
Waves everyone has the capacity to decipher –
And something as magnificent as the   o c e a n
Is not something that should be kept   h i d d e n.

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