Picture by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash

The Shredding

I’ve decided you’ll go missing 

     In the morning

You’ll wear my skin in the afternoon

You breathe my breath

And in the end you reap new life inside of me

You kiss

I shudder 

The colder the lover 

The hard struggle of a soft sigh

And the blood of you

      Enough of you

   Your palm

Swallows mine 

Sleep whilst we’re eating sunshine 

And sunflower seeds

No a cypsela 

I keep wondering if things are as disturbing as they seem

Breaking at the seam

I want my happiness conceived in the light

And this black hole 

Swallows and Shreds this passing star

I destroy and I am destroyed 

This love 

This incineration 

This celestial sphere has forsaken me 

I get on my knees

To beg 

Remember me

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