The Shipwreck (1805) by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

The Big Blue

A take on inescapable depression

Don’t talk to the silence in the heart, 
Even Water has a shadow. And it was a white ocean that swept over me, Water I could not shake off. 
But the big Blue waves, so large, what colour were they when they broke? 
When my meditations darken, they become dreams,
Familiar darkness, familiar shadows. 
A toe lifted out of Water, what colour were the droplets? 
Throw me into the big blue, into Turner’s Shipwreck 
Take me far from home 
The colour of the void, the infinite void of the heavens, the translucent shadow hanging over me and you and everybody else. 
The silence spoke back. 

Have you heard of a sea that didn’t feed into the ocean?

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