Picture taken by Jo McCarthy

I absolutely love the concept of travelling. It is such a fulfilling and enriching experience. To explore a new country, capture the scenery and experience the culture can be surreal. Personally, travelling to sunny destinations is the only option. I cannot fathom the thought of spending my hard-earned money on a winter holiday! London is cold enough in the winter anyway. My parents are from Sierra Leone (in West Africa) and Antigua & Barbuda (a Caribbean island), so it is understandable why I prefer warmer weather. There’s just nothing like a summer holiday – the sun beating down on your face with the touch of the cool breeze and having the opportunity to wear summer outfits is idyllic.

Additionally, travelling can be an educational and rewarding experience. Even though you may describe a particular place to an individual, it is never the same as them seeing and absorbing the new atmosphere. A dream of mine is to travel the world – there are many countries in far-flung destinations that I would love to discover first-hand but I would need the financial stability to facilitate this passion.  

I have travelled to four destinations so far. I am grateful that I’ve even had the opportunity to travel because I have cousins that have never stepped foot on a plane let alone another country! I’ve been to America, Sierra Leone, Antigua & Barbuda and France (on a day trip that I can barely recall). Our first family holiday was in 2008-2009; it was a Christmas holiday to Sierra Leone when I was eight years old. I had the chance to connect with the country that forms part of my identity and meet my extended family on my mother’s side which was wonderful.

All in all, holidays are unforgettable experiences that I believe are essential to capture (through pictures or videos) so that one can look back and reminisce on the fun had. Everyone has their own unique travelling journey and experiences. Some people even generate an income from it. I would highly recommend travelling because the benefits can be endless and, in some instances, can be life-changing such as broadening one’s horizons as you can witness first-hand how other people live their lives. 

I can appreciate the current Covid-19 situation travelling is restricted and somewhat difficult. However, the excitement of looking forward to the time when travelling will be safe again, makes the wait worthwhile.

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