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Picked In Their Prime

Blessed to be a sweet globe of purple

Another brushstroke to the world’s canvas – waiting to reach my potential

I’ve spent joyful summers and winters

Surrounded by many brothers and sisters 

Emerald foliage sheltered us from the scorching sun 

We are nature’s children.

A white hand – brutish and battered

Reached up – the art of death mastered

Intense pressure starting at my sides cascaded all over me, the assault was relentless – 

8 minutes 46 seconds.

As life surged back into me, the hand grasped it’s next victim

Black oppression, White domination.


Aiyana Stanley-Jones


Rekia Boyd


Michael Brown Jr.


Tamir Rice


Elijah McClain


Ahmaud Arbery


Breonna Taylor


Xzavier Hill

Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick.

Everyday consists of modern-day lynching

Crying out for God’s intervention

My brothers and sisters have been picked in their prime

As for me, it’s only a matter of time…

1 thought on “Picked In Their Prime

  1. This is so bittersweet! Extremely well written, thought-provoking and heartbreaking. Yet inspiring to me to do something better and take any little action I can to spread awareness for this problem. Lovely poem Philisha! Am excited to hear more from you!

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