Person jumping through a gap in the hill with the sunset as a backdrop.

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New Regime

Poem about the victim-blaming culture in society that is slowly being exposed.

I’m screaming. I’m screaming.


But they won’t listen.

Inside and out.

There are screams and shouts.

But they won’t listen.

Holding my bag tighter,

I open my zipper,

I hope I have a lighter, clipper, even a revolver.

All I have are keys,

           phones and apparently,

                      the wrong chromosomes.

Night-time is bad. Didn’t I know? 

Dark time is dangerous. Didn’t they say?

Cover up well.

Call with your location ready, 

Just for caution. 

I will scream.

Can I walk at night? On my own? Peacefully?

I will scream.

Teach the right things.

The blame-game is tiring.

The rules of old are crumbling.

The kings of old are dying.

The paranoia                                      

             and anxiety

                      are suffocating.

I want to scream.

We need to break down this regime.

This is more than just a fantasy, a myth, or a dream.

We are screaming.

Not the one that needs to change,

I refuse to accept ‘this is just the way it is.’

It’s time for you to listen.

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