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Muslimah Tells of Love

*content warning – sensitive images*

I want to know how it feels to be desired by you,
But I deserve more than to be a sin of yours.
Your hand belongs in the small of my back,
and my arms were made for the curves of your neck,
But you deserve more than to be a sin of mine.
Our feet were made for dancing, our lips
borne to touch. Yet we deserve more
than to be each other’s sins. So hold me,
in my dreams as I sleep. Neither of us
Shall fall into the chasm of loneliness,
when we rise alone in the morning.
For my arms will be wrapped, around my chest.
Nurturing my love for you that resides here,
In the vast expanse of my mind and soul.
And I shall wake like this forever, until the moment
You are persuaded to love me too. Then a spell
Shall bind us together and touch is no longer forbid.

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