A flag with teh colours of pink, yellow and blue.

Love Potion

A poem about being pansexual.

Lady Love holds my hand and gestures to the water in front of me

Showing me all the things I could possibly be

Her dress dances around her curves as she takes a glass bottle in her 

Perfectly painted pink fingertips 

The light reflects off the water as she places two drops in the pot

Changing the clear colour to a lush lilac liquid 

She takes two petals of the whitest daisy

Praising the goddess Freya as they soak in the aromatic mixture

Giving me both innocence and purity 

Before I can ask what more I could need she places her sweet lips on my own 

Blue, yellow, and pink glittering in my eyes

Like gemstones stuck within my iris

As she took some of the potions on her fingertips and 

placed it against my silken skin 

I awake

Seeing myself for what I am as the clocks ticked backwards

And the wind knocked me against her

The potion lighting my heart ablaze   

My heart bleeding love 

No limitations in the flow of my blood

Or the beating of my heart

Unlocking the prison wrapped around me 

And free me from the chains of the world

Both past and present 

Lady Love holds my hand and gestures to the water in front of me

Showing me what I had been missing all along 

I was not just passionate and pure

I was pansexual

Seeking out all

And what I found 

Was her

The queen of my soul 

And the empress of my mind

I fall into her 

Fading to the future as my hand grasps hers

My story tells me that I am still writing my being into existence 

My heart is on the page as I pen my love letter

My puzzle piece telling me I am open from all sides

Waiting for anyone to fill the hole where my heart once was

Logic tells me that one day I will be one half of a whole

To someone 


That loves me for who I am 

No matter what they looked like or who they were

I was unwritten 



Just waiting for the gods to shape me whole 

Like Lady Love showed me with the potion 

Long ago

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