Photo by Kate Abrielle

Drowning Butterfly

A poem portraying the struggle of finding relief during anxiety attacks

She was drowning
A cacophony of voices yelling 
Tintinnabulation ringing in her ears 
Vowels and consonants splattered around
Blending together to form seamless lines of dialogue 
Entering the area where speech forms understanding
Like an invisible dictionary hidden behind the lids of the eyes deep beneath the skull 

She was falling
A response bouncing around the empty caverns of her mind 
Trapped behind her teeth as the words float around her
Everything was unintelligible 
A foreign language she had no way to translate 

She was sinking
Words rotting around her
An ocean of formless, useless literature

She wanted to fight against the current 

But it felt so much easier to just let it flow

She was shrinking
Getting smaller as they all stared at her 
In her sea of syllables and syntax 

She was fumbling 
Looking for a word 
As the giants looked down
Seconds from stomping on her form 
Squashing her like a little bug

She was dying
All the noise nothing more than nitrogen 
Choking her without hands 
Nature’s natural criminal 
She can’t breathe 
She can’t see
As the anxiety attacks 

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