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Congo is Bleeding: And Everything You Need To Know About It

Congo is currently going through a silent genocide. Millions of people are being killed so the WESTERN WORLD can benefit from Natural Resources. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second-largest country in Africa and is also home to the second-largest rainforest in the world. It’s a beautiful place located at the heart of Africa that’s abundant with unique wildlife and all kinds of highly valued resources. Among these resources are oil, copper, gold, diamonds, uranium, and Coltan. It’s so abundant in coltan that it’s where 60% of the world’s supply is from. Coltan is used to make lithium-ion batteries which are used in phones, cars, computers, gaming consoles, air plane engines, and innovation of every technology. First world countries like the UK, USA, France are invading regions in Uganda and Rwanda that are filled with coltan reserves. As a result, millions of civilians are killed.[1] 

Multinational Mining Companies have been created to source coltan. These companies are enslaving men, women, and children to mine. Congolese men, women, and children are tortured, starved, raped and killed. It is estimated that 48 women are raped every hour. Millions of them are displaced from their livelihood, and over 6 million are killed where half of them are children. Around 4.5 million people are internally displaced inside the Democratic Republic of Congo and over 826,000 have fled to neighbouring countries. Big tech companies are after these resources, with many even stockpiling an abundance for when supplies become limited. 9.1 million children are in urgent need of assistance as families across the country face disease, violence and chronic hunger every day [1].

The largest cobalt-extraction company is a European mega-mining corporation called Glencore, which is a deceptively cute name for a truly heartless company. Glencore is based in Switzerland and has created hundreds of mines across 50 countries where they go armed and exploit locals (including children) for their labour. Glencore owns some of the largest cobalt-extraction sites in the Congo. Glencore claims to have humane working conditions, but it’s anything but. With acid-dumping, murder, and child exploitation accusations around the world, it’s clear that this company will do whatever it takes to get the resources they want.[1]

 A country so rich in resources should not be so poor. On top of the child exploitation, mass displacement, rape, and genocide, the country is also dealing with frequent outbreaks of Ebola, measles, COVID-19 and starvation. Deforestation by Western companies is also wreaking havoc on the beautiful Congolese rainforests. The largest primate in the world, the Grauer’s Gorilla, is about to go extinct from destruction of habitat and illegal hunting. So, before we pat ourselves and our countries on the back for being so “technologically advanced” just remember that the only reason countries like the US are “sophisticated” is because they heartlessly exploit the Global South. Congo is bleeding in so many ways. Please be aware, and share but it’s unfortunate that as consumers we can do little to nothing to stop this pattern of exploitation. This is why it is crucial to pressurise those in power to help. I highly recommend donating to Save the Children. It is a trusted organization that is transparent with its money, and your donation will go to providing life-saving help to children in Congo. [2]

A country so rich in resources should not be so poor

Few other places you can donate to help the residents of Congo are

1. UNHCRDonate to UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR UK

2. UNICEFDonate and keep a child in the DRC safe today

3. Aid for AfricaUntitled Document

To everyone reading this article, I urge you to EDUCATE yourself and your peers, and ACTIVELY strike conversations about what’s happening in CONGO. There is almost near to zero media coverage on what’s happening. Petitions usually do not help in such cases of second/third world countries, so share posts and spread awareness as much you can. Become the voice for the kids whose voices are currently being silenced and murdered by multinational companies for their own profits. Despite Congo being worth ~$24 trillion in natural resources, its people are among the poorest in the world. Congo has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, nominal capita GDPs globally, and has a scarily low ranking on the corruption perceptions index. Congo is bleeding as well as so many other countries in Africa, that have been suffering for decades.


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