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Beauty is Just Around You

“Our eyes do not show a lack of sense of beauty, but a lack of observation.” – Auguste Rodin 

This passage is a first-person narration of an event that took place a couple of weeks ago. 

I have always been bad at finding my way when going somewhere new. If I go out, there will be a great number of mazes ahead of me. I am convinced that I am just a girl from an alien world. This morning, I was in such a hurry to find Bethnal Green station. I opened Google Maps, and just followed its voice navigation guide, but finally, I came to a dead end. I checked the time, and there was only a little while left till my appointment. Just at that moment, a gentleman walked over. I ran to him and said hello,  and then asked him for directions to the station. He was so kind and patient, and told me that I just needed to go straight, turn right, then go through the park. I did what he said. Finally, I arrived at the over-ground station of Bethnal Green instead of the underground. Suddenly, I realized that this was my second time coming here wrongly. I entered the station and turned to the staff for help, he told me that usually it’s unnecessary to enter this station and should go another direction to find the underground station. However, I felt so unconfident to find it correctly. Instead, I chose to transfer to the station by taking this over-ground train.

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But when I arrived at the platform as instructed, the time board said that the next train would come in 10 mins. At that moment, I just felt a big fire of nerves burning in my heart. I was not sure whether I could reach the appointment on time. A sense of regret hit me and I complained to myself that I should have taken a taxi. Finally, the train came and I entered. After one station, I came out to find the Central Line, but there was another maze in front of me and I spent about 10 mins to reach the right station. Perhaps because of the pandemic, the tube entrance outside the train station was closed. Anyway, I had to come back through the long lift and find another entrance. After passing four stations, finally, I reached the desired location and caught up with my duties. It was such a messy and hurried morning.

However, there always is another side of life, which is just like the rain and the sunshine. After leaving the restroom, I was standing under a roof to take shelter from the rain. A girl walked to me and said “excuse me, Miss,” it seemed that she wanted to ask me something. To my surprise, she came to me to remind me that a small side of my skirt was not laid down flatly and still tucked. That was so embarrassing. If it was not for her, this embarrassment would have lasted a much longer time. At that moment, a great warmth embraced me, and I felt so grateful for this passerby lady. After the rain stopped, I tried to find the way back. This time, it was much smoother and I found the correct route. I found the park so clear and clean after the rain. I took a stroll there and found one lovely squirrel jumping on the grass. I could not help taking a video. Then, I followed and talked to it. It was like a coach motivating me to keep running. When it climbed a tree, a gentleman passed the tree and he kindly told me there was another squirrel on the iron fence. Wow, I just felt thrilled when seeing the two small lovely friends. Also that man was so nice, even to a stranger, like me.

20 minutes later, I continued my way to my apartment. In the last 6 minutes, a girl walked to me, and she said “excuse me” and complimented my skirt, which was a long yellow sheer one with some small flowers on it. I was so surprised. She asked me where I bought it from, which gave me  the impression that she wanted to buy one for herself. I had no choice but to tell her I had brought it with me from China. She felt a little disappointed but still said “it’s so beautiful.” I expressed my thanks to her and felt the whole day was a day full of bitter sweet moments.

I will never forget those kind people and their kindness, warmth, and help when I was in confusion, difficulty, and embarrassment. Dear friend, I believe that if you are willing to feel the beauty around you, however trivial it is, you will enjoy a more colourful world.

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