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Brutal Machete Attack in Tower Hamlets Leaves Man Bloody

Growing tension leads to a violent attack in London borough Tower Hamlets.

On Sunday 12th October at 5:43 PM, police officers received a report stating that there was a stabbing. A 19-year-old man was seen on Golding Street in Tower Hamlets, sitting on the curbside clutching his hand with a significant hand wound caused by a machete attack.

He was admitted to the major trauma centre, and whilst the wound was not life-threatening, it was ‘life-changing’ according to the Police.

There has been video footage showcasing the injured man circulating social media. Regarding this, police officers have issued a statement: “the first half of the video appears to have been filmed following an incident in Golding Street, E1 that is under investigation. It has not been possible to determine where or when the second half of the video – which appears to show officers making arrests – was filmed or what it relates to.”

Currently, the Metropolitan Police have arrested two men, aged 21 and 24 years old, for grievous bodily harm with intent. 

Locals are concerned about the rise in group violence and have spoken about this incident being the culmination of the recent rise of a group of black men robbing Asian boys with machetes. This incident was allegedly a member of that group having his own machete taken and used against him. 

A day after the incident, Tower Hamlets Police made a statement on Twitter . ‘Recently police were made aware of escalating tensions within the Golding Street and Stroudley Walk area between specific groups. The origins of this video is being investigated however at present there is no evidence to suggest it is recent or linked to these tensions.’

The police have asked for any witnesses or people with information to come forward.

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